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Barbecue Menu

Package for 25 ppl and Up

* Pig on a spit
Baby Pig Marinated Style 4.5 hours open fire charcoal.

* BBQ pulled pork sliders.
Smoke braised pork shoulders

*Mini beef patties sliders
Cheddar cheese, pickle, bacon, onions and tomato

*NY street or Chicago Hot Dog
Radish, onion, peppers, lettuce tomato mustard

*Mediterranean kebabs
Skewers of marinated beef/pork/chickens

* Grilled Chicken
Marinated bone in Chicken classic

Sides and Salads

Salad Mixed Greens
Baby mix green lettuces and classic red wine dressing
Classic Potato Salad
Red bills potatoes pork belly
Macaroni Salad
Elbow pasta and creamy dressing
Cucumber Salad
English cucumbers tomato onions and citrus vinaigrette
Watermelon salad
Mixed citrus segments and heirloom tomatoes
Feta cheese Salad
Feta cheese, tomatoes, onions cucumbers and fresh parsley
Berry Spinach Salad
Mixed berries. Spinach, heirloom, tomatoes onions and Italian dressing

Desserts and sweets bites

Assortment of cookies and brownies
Marshmallow station
We can work on any menu suggestions to appeal to your needs as we do always comply with every customer request.

Open Bar suggestions

Soft drinks assortment juices or sodas
Assortment of sodas Water, Juices and iced tea
Full bar or beer and wine only
Expertise mixologist as needed.